What People Are Saying…

“The reality of Christian persecution in the Western culture is difficult for some to understand.

Laying down your life for your faith would seem too radical for some, but it is occurring daily in many parts of the world.

In an effort to bring awareness and prayerful intercession for the modern day Christians who are standing like the first century Christians, Pastor Joey Rogers of Pace Assembly Ministries in Pace, Florida has made it vivid.

The People Of The Cross traveling exhibit is a moving multimedia display of the very real persecution many Christians are experiencing.

I have personally visited this exhibit and was deeply moved by every part of this graphic and soul stirring display.

I would like to encourage you to experience it for yourself when it is in your area.

This is the time in our history when the Church is needed to stand with our Brothers and Sisters!”

George O. WoodGeneral Superintendent of the AG

“If anyone in the American Church needs to be jolted from lethargy or apathy, they should view the People of the Cross exhibit.  What we have known cognitively about the persecution and martyrdom of Christians in the past will become a current reality illustrated in current “real time events”.  I was deeply moved and convicted.  I recommend everyone experience this life-changing presentation.”

Dr. Alton GarrisonAssistant General Superintendent of the AG

“Those who record such things tell us that more Christians have died for their faith in the last 100 years than in all previous centuries combined. Martyrdom has become more common in our day than ever before, in the Middle East and in hot spots around the world. I salute Pastor Joey Rogers and the Pace Assembly for bringing this truth graphically to our attention through The People of the Cross traveling exhibit, which traces the story of those who have died for their faith, from the death of Stephen to today’s latest headline. Visit the exhibit and take advantage of the opportunity to learn powerful lessons of courage and commitment from those who went to the outer limits of human devotion.”

Mark L. Williams, D.D.Presiding Bishop/General Overseer Church of God

“The People of the Cross exhibit is a “don’t miss” opportunity while at GA2016. This exhibit shows the price many Christians around the world pay for their faith. These present-day martyrs have chosen freedom for their soul, bought by Christ on the Cross, and applied with the blood of their lives. This exhibit will bring clear and sober vision and provide meaning to the truth of giving one’s “all.” The short time it takes to walk through the presentation will deliver a message that will last in the heart a lifetime.”

Grady MurphyCoordinator of Global Communications, Church of God World Missions

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there is no possible way to ascribe the worth of “The People of the Cross” exhibit.  The moving, multimedia presentation will touch the hearts of all who see it.  It is a very well done snapshot from the global stage where Christians are giving their all for their faith.  It is truly a challenge to all who experience it.”

Tommy MooreAG West Florida District Council, Superintendent

“A must see!  The People of the Cross exhibit is an eye-opening reminder of the cost that many Christians pay for following Christ.  Powerful images portray the persecution that Christians have suffered from the time of Christ to the time in which we live today.  Over the centuries, many have counted the cost and gave their all for Christ.  When you visit the exhibit, I believe you will be inspired to do the same!”

Mark JakelskyAG West Florida District council, Secretary Treasurer

“We drove thru Dallas just before rush hour and had some time to kill before going to a relatives memorial gathering. So we went to a small Pizza shop in Carrolton called Papparazi. I was wearing the Arabic Letter given me for donating at the People of the Cross Semi truck Museum. The owner recognized the letter and asked if I was Nazarene. He was An Arabic Christian who migrated to US because of persecution. He was so very grateful when I gave him the pin, knowing exactly why someone would wear such a pin. He was the first person we saw since conference!”

Don J.Texas

“Made me cry and gave me a better awareness of what is happening with Christians around the world. This has opened my eyes.”

Brian H.Pensacola, FL

“I’m a fourteen year old freshman at a local high school. In current events at school, we have discussed ISIS and martyrs, but never to the degree at church. It really shocked me how much our Christian brethren are suffering. With the truck I was shown just how terrible ISIS is. I didn’t get too close a look, but what I saw made me so aware. This truck showed me a lot I didn’t know. I hope it has the same effect on others as it did me. Thank you for your dedication and time for “The People of The Cross” truck.”

J. SmithFlorida

“Pastor, what a great outreach ministry. Thank you for sharing your vision. I was born in Germany, adopted out of an orphanage home and brought to the USA in the mid 50’s. I was very moved at that display of the Holocaust. All of this has been so directed and the hand of God has truly ministered to every visitor touring the bus. Be blessed and encouraged! A supporter and honored member of Pace!”

G. LeskovecPace, FL

“Moved to tears. Could not get a certain image out of my mind… I figured I have seen it all, torture and human suffering; I have not seen it all and it grieves me. People need see this for awareness. Taking a stand is necessary to save lives.”

Jane DoePace, FL

“I went with my son and we are still talking about it; it covers so much history. Amazing strength of so many that suffered. God bless this truck and give it recognition. It is educational and undeniably an eye opening experience.”

Sharon G.Pace, FL

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